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  1. RT @anisasx: 116) this is so triggering for anyone who watches ahs https://t.co/g5g9LX7fA5

  2. RT @lyricalflop: me: *in library for 8 hours, downed 4 coffees, has 8 highlighters sprawled across desk* me: phew what a day someone: what…

  3. @nuhkaysha So fucking fake

  4. RT @Advil: y’all… the legal name of the republican healthcare plan is literally “World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017” i’m DYING https:…

  5. The lighting in this bathroom was really cute and I was feeling myself lmao https://t.co/dlORk8uPPn

  6. RT @itzzkait: Me: being gay doesn't define me Also me: https://t.co/6ZwrnrMd6n

  7. RT @LibyaLiberty: It's almost like he's a liar. https://t.co/TbIXxh9WoP

  8. RT @chrissyteigen: Body shutting down. Nice knowing you all. Donate my organs if they're useable

  9. RT @georgiakeni: College is u and ur friends consistently being a mess but always telling each other ur thriving

  10. RT @pIayboi: Smh who snitched https://t.co/E6xqWiD7Mw

  11. RT @SouthernHomo: Y'all: I regret voting for Trump Me: https://t.co/3iRIcoEevu

  12. RT @ltsKermit: mom : did you eat all the donuts me : no mom : why are you lying to me i can see all the powder on your pants me : thats coc…

  13. RT @sixxela_duhh: The Alabama State University Honey Bees. You can't read? https://t.co/ICCt2g6H0t

  14. RT @RelatesAll: That girl is https://t.co/mkrdu26Wa1

  15. @saxyfreakTess Omg yas taking it back to high school. Lol

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