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  1. This is 1000000 times better already. Nnnn g eazy looks hot lol edit: oh I thought you were sharing the 1:30 video with the g eazy scene. It's so amazing!
  2. Britney is still trending on Facebook and Katy flew off despite her promo
  3. Omg you're right. Hopefully the iTunes exclusive hurts her more than helps her
  4. We need to stop focusing on Katy and get to work on streaming and trying to let people know about the song. Remember to request on your radio as well. We can take down basic perry in a heartbeat. Britneys song is 1000000x better
  5. Slay! I wish my fiancé supported my constant Britney talking
  6. Once the artist gets the banner it's 24 hours until they are taken down no?
  7. Oh my godney I've been scalped enough today I can't take no more
  8. I can't believe that greedy puta Katy bought all the banners. I hope her song flops
  9. Yes! If it's gaga I'll be ok because I actually like her music and the gp doesn't seem to be too invested in her anymorr
  10. Katy is going to get press with that Taylor feud. That's all she's good at, causing drama and being an attention seeker. It's not like the girl is super talented
  11. The guy who said that deleted his tweet I think
  12. Nobody is going to play it right now though. It isn't midnight yet. It's a standard iTunes time release. I doubt radios will play it so far ahead
  13. That tweet was deleted. The song won't play until midnight. Well according to your time zone
  14. people are so sad sometimes. It's like they have no life and think they speak for everyone else
  15. Yes!we need to bash her for trying to use a tragedy just to back up her dislike of Britney. People are disgusting.
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