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  1. Madonna Beyonce Lady Gaga Mariah Carey Miley Rihanna Janet Jackson Celine Dion Adele Jamie Lynn Lynn Spears Me Be once a
  2. thank you boo, trying to see if anybody want to help me finnish it ! and collaborate !
  3. So ive been working on this for a lil while, I asked if anybody could help me, but nobody responded, just wanted to show the progress so far, yes its a mess I know ... but if a couple people wish to help me , we can get this out to the britney fans ASAP !
  4. Who wants to Collaborate on a Britney Project ? Im making a fan made Live vocal Studio of Perfume using only lead stem vocal studio acapellas from other songs... mixing the words at the right placement timing and pitch ... tell me if your interested in helping ... I really want us fans to enjoy 1 experience of what it would sound like to hear britney perform Perfume live ...
  5. For Trade of either Toxic, Passenger, or Hold on tight stems Toxic Recording Sessions is ok too, as long as the Chorus its not the leaked bs
  6. I have BMS chorus stems if you want them, also alien vocal stems, with Myah in them unfortunately I want passenger or Hold on tight for them
  7. Yeah true, I have a bunch of them, but I want those ones
  8. I need me some passenger, or BMS, TOXIC stems baby
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