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  1. @RCNconnects How am I gonna PUBG and get me some chicken dinner?

  2. @PennStateMBB https://t.co/hnfbHlzMZR

  3. RT @ZephyrAthletics: Great crowd at @saquon Day. Much deserved for a great man! https://t.co/ofIccDioGA

  4. @RCNconnects Leigh Valley internet download speeds <5 Mbps... typically get 155 MBps or better... storm related or service call?

  5. RT @TheCosby: Me right now #Fergie https://t.co/O6ei7tHeWI

  6. RT @BleacherReport: FLEA FLICKER RUN TO PERFECTION ? https://t.co/mwa0V7yfdh

  7. #RulesofSurvival https://t.co/ZykXZDwmIn

  8. #RulesofSurvival https://t.co/LFbqtQKKD5

  9. Northampton JackFrost Halloween Parade... Supergirl calling for more cowbell/sirens... @MellisaBenoist #Supergirl… https://t.co/rL0P9szS1H

  10. RT @PoppaJ27: I think us @Eagles fans represented Philly well at the @NFL draft. BOO @dallascowboys !!! https://t.co/HqsqxkbxpT

  11. RT @JoelEmbiid: Is Tj Mcconnell is the clutchest player in the history of the NBA? I guess so #TrustTheProcess https://t.co/JD6IoQ2J5v

  12. RT @Sixers: #NBAVote Joel Embiid with the @TripleH @WWE entrance ??? https://t.co/6YHE2AyF2n

  13. RT @PennStateFball: The best team in the @bigten. #WEARE https://t.co/ZgWBAdznOO

  14. RT @RLiuNFL: Carson Wentz is the 1st player in NFL history with 100+ attempts, 60+ completions, 5+ TDs & 0 INTs in his 1st 3 career games h…

  15. @hardwick #ID10Ttour Great show tonight [email protected] https://t.co/J2aww76hSG

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