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  1. @Sfurkles @ElaineYoung94 @daimbarrs I don't know but I'm starting to wonder why heaven is always depicted as white....

  2. RT @Rubberbandits: Men, please use your vote, and repeal. This issue does affect you. Vote for a more humane and safe society. If you're on…

  3. @john_mcguirk So asking questions on a topic "being an asshole"? #RepealThe8th

  4. RT @aoibhinn_ni_s: Correction on earlier tweet. British government statistics gives abortion rate as 16 per 1000 women in England. If 1 in…

  5. @daimbarrs No words. Disgraceful.

  6. Serious question: Can Paddy Jackson actually sue people on Twitter?

  7. a 'medical alliance for 8th' ad came up on a video site, in which a 'doctor' spoke about the 'evidence'. they didn… https://t.co/oGY9O2nfXB

  8. @troyesivan @britneyspears Cathy Denis is queen.

  9. Save the 8th are at the gpo with more graphic imagery filming people. #RepealThe8th

  10. @MySlothLife He needs to be exposed for the opportunist pig he is. Plays town idiot knowing the reaction it'll have.

  11. When will your faves.... https://t.co/k584VfzefW

  12. It's rag week... I spent it making mask samples. My mask samples slay. This is aging. https://t.co/M5MRIuWvcp

  13. @Greadyfarmer @daimbarrs Firstly, the 8th doesn't stop abortion. Secondly, believe it or not, the womb is part of… https://t.co/DIfhdSUi4w

  14. @LawlessRoisin @KateOnTheGo @ExpatsForLife @SimonHarrisTD abortion isn't killing a human. doctors have facts :) T… https://t.co/nAWCZAn0xF

  15. RT @realDonaldTrump: The Oscars are a sad joke, very much like our President. So many things are wrong!

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