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  1. me dorothy and you toto https://t.co/8PM3oaOuTS

  2. i mean look at him ?? https://t.co/7Kuh4YDP8e

  3. RT @SlaveForUBrit: Pop legend 9 studio albums $1.5 Billion fragrance empire 200 million records sold worldwide 18 Years Of The Legendary…

  4. @alxfenty ok thank you so much ?

  5. @thegrandedead i'm freaking out ? i really hope u find a way to see her again

  6. RT @britneyspears: My damn kids ? https://t.co/YNVWlo1jOH

  7. i'm gonna be so broke ariana's & shawn's ticket get on sale 2 hours apart. ??

  8. RT @CGBPosts: 2016 summarized https://t.co/EujeuyHbXP

  9. do you ever like someone you know on tinder to know if they liked you?

  10. @brixnaa i'm done with it in april next year (not the one that's coming up) ?

  11. RT @FactsAboutNM: What did Nicki Minaj do? THAT. https://t.co/PJoZG8U2eV

  12. RT @Genius: music vet at the age of 28. go head RiRi ??? https://t.co/Xr1BcI7iO4 https://t.co/vPgDqgRd9S

  13. THIS IS HOT AF I CAN'T WAIT ??❤️ https://t.co/6o22GoYyP1

  14. RT @FactsAboutNM: Selena right now #selenaendedjustinparty https://t.co/wParvZhe3x

  15. I AM SNATCHED WTF??? @LadyLeshurr https://t.co/wLrM4OMIVm

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