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  1. me dorothy and you toto https://t.co/8PM3oaOuTS

  2. i mean look at him ?? https://t.co/7Kuh4YDP8e

  3. RT @SlaveForUBrit: Pop legend 9 studio albums $1.5 Billion fragrance empire 200 million records sold worldwide 18 Years Of The Legendary…

  4. @alxfenty ok thank you so much ?

  5. @thegrandedead i'm freaking out ? i really hope u find a way to see her again

  6. RT @britneyspears: My damn kids ? https://t.co/YNVWlo1jOH

  7. i'm gonna be so broke ariana's & shawn's ticket get on sale 2 hours apart. ??

  8. i made an album with a ''disc'' for every album
  9. does anyone have the link to the remastered version of let go?
  10. i think i'll use an alternate cover of each album just for the unreleased
  11. do you guys have covers for them or you just put em in the album they were meant for?
  12. is her best unreleased song and one of her best songs EVER. don't come for me.
  13. plus i need a or some album covers for them. she has so many unreleased i don't know how to organise it
  14. is there any place i can download a rar or zip with all her unreleased? i lost the files when i changed my computer and now i need em' so yeah, if anyone wants to help i'd be super happy
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