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  1. RT @BlueIvysister: Beyoncé is 36 with 3 children and is in her PRIME. this is her best performance of ALL TIME 22 years into her career. le…

  2. @OtherNHLCrosby hahahaha

  3. @emalkin71geno You've had such an amazing season! You are the best!!

  4. @AnaheimDucks I am so happy right now!!!

  5. I LOVE THE @penguins SO MUCH!!!!

  6. I'll be there https://t.co/BVAWu8kPGr

  7. @penguins @emalkin71geno He is so amazing!!!!

  8. @penguins @emalkin71geno He is the best and people need to stop overlooking him

  9. @BSmooth39 @penguins And no Cups so who cares?

  10. @penguins I love this team and I love Brassard!

  11. People wanting Hags off of Geno's line have lost it.

  12. @jmarshfof The best line

  13. Sidney Crosby out here looking like a snack and scoring goals.

  14. @snapchatsupport please tell me why y'all took away the ability to watch all stories? Why would I add someone to ne… https://t.co/LNhd5uKKTP

  15. @emalkin71geno The cutest pic.

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