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  1. @GabiStephens if anyone can do that its you.

  2. Sometimes this amazing guy goes to Vegas to see Britney and he brings you back a souvenir program and poster and you cry a lot.

  3. Show me what's under your t-shirt And bare it like it's your first time You take it off like you never Like you've never been hurt

  4. @SongNDanceSarah god only knows what we're breathing in those tunnels

  5. The View is such a guilty pleasure of mine and I don't know why.

  6. RT @ItsReginaG: someone: are u ok? me, obviously in tears, devastated: yeah dude i'm chill lmao why are u asking

  7. This overnight tonight https://t.co/Q3c0aA8gQA

  8. There's just something so chilling and haunting still when I watch Britney's 2007 VMA performance...but she's coming back.

  9. RT @jackieburnsnyc: One last time! Here we go! I will never forget u #ifthentour https://t.co/WZTIzfjKBm

  10. Oh children you thought Friday Jazz was a workout? You haven't done continuous choreography traveling for 20 minutes outside in Florida.

  11. RT @DisneyMoi: Anyone who finds what happened to Dopey at WDW funny or uses the video for humor is simply DISRESPECTFUL & should be ashamed…

  12. Had a salad for lunch. Had a cupcake and a churro for dinner. It's all about a really well balanced diet people.

  13. RT @ShitBritneySays: Have you heard my new song #PrivateShow? Are you even a real fan?

  14. @megann_jacobs send them my love

  15. I've seen each episode so many times but Glee still makes me laugh and cry.

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