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  1. I do. Got tickets for the israel show for far
  2. Ofc they are dating. It's pretty obvious. Lol look at all the hints she drops. But i dont like him either. Looks too much like a gold digger indeed
  3. Im just beyond disappointed they didnt go with solo. Tinashe can fuck off really
  4. c'mon. MATM was never a hit, it did so so for 2003 level of Brit's stardom. Boys was ok but again - nothing big. S&S - yes, totally forgot but let's face it, it's not Brit's rmx, i dont even count it
  5. WHAT THE ............. no words. thank god i saved it on my laptop to a different folder. and have 2 copies of CDs..... i;d be mad as fuck
  6. i dont get why are they so obsessed with collabos..... none of them has ever worked
  7. Ummm they shot it in 6 + months?!!,? They can keep it
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