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  1. RT @Road2Oscars: Ppl assumed 2 women in #FindingDory were a lesbian couple. If so, only one stayed at the aquarium all day. With their inte…

  2. RT @queennn94: "The fact that [Kristen]'s the most interesting person in all those movies suggests that her movie-star charisma is still in…

  3. RT @prettymagicx: talking about kristen's cesar win and olivier's cannes win. this award winning team ? https://t.co/Z3BpDEM7rT

  4. RT @poniewozik: Remember when Sean Hannity called Obama elitist for getting Dijon mustard on a hamburger? https://t.co/YVzVL4g7Jh

  5. @Dul1678 https://t.co/8ldIZtt98m

  6. Lord I love you https://t.co/q9RHv0xwIX

  7. @LefroyDi @BILD @BrockLesnar @Goldberg yuuuuup watching tonight

  8. RT @kstewartvevo: "We think we're a superior race, yeah, look what we're doing." 14 year old Kristen knew what was up. https://t.co/LIH2WlE…

  9. RT @Dory: choking https://t.co/5Ei4hegV8u

  10. RT @WillMcAvoyACN: From @cracked: 'Dear White People: Stop Saying Everything Will Be OK' https://t.co/UkzXtj9vz7

  11. @BitterBaeConHag duuuuuude they are so pretty

  12. RT @BuzzFeedNews: This is the moment outside Wrigley Field when the Chicago Cubs won the #WorldSeries https://t.co/QBZmKPoOiA

  13. RT @akstanwyck: Tippi Hedren Confirms Alfred Hitchcock Sexually Assaulted Her, Details Secret Connecting Door https://t.co/djbfvUPA5A via @…

  14. @KristenxLeanne are you going to be at #nyxcosmeticsusq at a certain time or exactly at 9am opening?

  15. DEATH https://t.co/8Kh3P5jdPw

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