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  1. Everyone calm your tits lol. Q2 for marketing and business makes sense for the single to release. So RCA can finish off the second quarter strong, with an album release in Q3 which starts July 1st. The single will drop with the whole album later in the summer....I promise. I work in Advertising/ Digital Marketing....this is how it will happen...they wouldnt release all of it in Q3.
  2. He is really making me start to believe that the only reason that there is a conservatorship is to protect her from him! He is still trying to ring money out of her so many years later.
  3. You gave up on Breatheheavy like me huh?...I swear soooooo manys ads! It wouldnt even open on my phone browser yesterday lol....I was like "thi sis a hott mess"
  4. Does anyone have B-hive info? How long before her new song was registered vs release?
  5. BUMP! Totally KNEW we had to get a song totally matches with a summer album! Yess!
  6. Well the consensus seems to be no lol...I do think March would make sense. But didn't HIAM come out in Jan because of the demo leak...and the music video in Fed? So to new song planned for Feb, with the full album out in March? Soo if there is one...which I am not getting my hopes up, but I do think it might be possible, if they are going for summer with B9. So release the song for the show (who knows what she has been doing the last month...if Beyonce can surprise people....maybe Britney can surprise us? I mean anti is flopping already, and I doubt the GP is loving Beyonce's new single. So lets hope she can surprise us! She needs to....when was the last time she was able to pull off a surprise? Fingers crossed!
  7. Thanks! I was on BH for awhile, but it is slow and convo is crap.
  8. What do you think? I dont want to get my hopes up, but if she is revamping the show and returning this Saturday with WB being replaced as the opening song...wouldn't it make sense that she would release a song on Friday?
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