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  1. You can now! They just released seats for all three shows! I just upgraded mine to floor seats! Hopefully this helps someone who thought it was sold out!
  2. Ok, I haven't been here for a long time but woke up to this today - OMFG. I have to admit, as a fan for the past (almost) 20 years, things have gotten a little stale and there have been recent times when the vocals on her albums (even Glory) were questioned by many to be all hers - let alone just auto-tune - and really, when you go years without ever singing live it's hard not to wonder yourself sometimes - well, no need to wonder anymore. What we hear on her albums is no doubt, 100% Britney - we get strong vocals and we question them but after hearing this cover song live, the bullshit accusations have been shut down. Honestly, I doubt they even have to do much to her voice in the studio like many suggest. Britney, last night, gave us BOMT era vocals - like, "I will be there", "Soda Pop", "Thinkin about you" vocals! She still has it and i'm really happy to know that! These are the vocals that gave her a record deal. There's a lot of pretty faces out there, but Britney has the whole package and this is why she was signed. You know what's so crazy to me? The fact that she looked more natural doing this cover song strutting around on stage then she does with her recent choreography - perhaps it's time for a re-invention. I've been saying it for years now but her brand is in need a re-invention and with Vegas ending it's the perfect time. Choreography is fine, but she doesn't need to do it for 90 minutes straight. Back up dancers, lights, special effects are cool and all but it gets old and Britney has the stage presence to move forward without it - at least part of the time - I mean, I know we all want some dancing thrown in but i'd pay GOOD money to see her do this stuff - I won't keep paying to see POM type dancing for 90 minutes. A good mix would be awesome. It's days like these when i'm extra proud to be a fan.
  3. Not even close. Do you know how massive songs like "...Baby one more time" and "Oops!...I did it again" were? The world went crazy when Britney took the stage at an award show - didn't matter if they were a fan or not, everybody wanted to see what Britney would do, wear, say, dance - all eyes were on her for YEARS. Britney's biggest hit songs remain pop classics whereas I can't even name a song from Ariana other than Side to Side - and that's only because I saw her perform it on the VMA's waiting for Britney. Ariana's voice may be decent, but she's no Mariah Carey either - especially not 90's Mariah. So, no, to answer your question, she is not at Britney's level of fame, at all. She has young fans but that isn't enough to be a global superstar - the world needs to be interested in you - not just a select group of teens and tween's. The only other pop stars that have had a taste of Britney's fame since Britney would be Lady GaGa (although short lived) and Taylor Swift. I guess you could say Beyonce too.
  4. The album is perfect, but other than that....
  5. Yeah, I really don't understand - this is exactly the type of music that pop fans are listening to - unless it's truly Britney's image that's the problem.
  6. You know what, I'm at a loss here - but my opinion is this: First and foremost, "Glory" is a great album and very well made. The lyrics, the vocals, the vibe, are all excellent and in no way inferior to her competitors - in fact, I think it's a step above most of the current female pop stars who are seeing a lot more success than Britney right now. But, in a world where Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor dominate the charts, one has to wonder - does it really matter anymore? Just look at the top 10 on iTunes for single sales - who are some of these people? Did anyone watch the VMA's? Who were most of those people? Maybe I'm just getting older but I have NO interest in what is being sold in the pop world anymore. It's all about gimmicks and anthems and sob story songs but in the end a lot of the current hits are so forgettable and flavor of the moment - at least when Britney was the biggest pop star in the world her music was memorable (which is why she can pull off her Vegas residency). The sales of the album do not indicate the quality of the album and I truly hope a lot of her fans don't turn their back on it because it's not selling millions of copies. But, getting back to the main topic - there were some BIG mistakes which have already been pointed out but here it goes: 1 - "Make Me" - by far my least favorite first single off an album. It's not a bad song, but i'm extremely bored with it by the time G-whatever comes in. I love the way Britney sings the verses, it does flow well, but it's just - boring. This is the type of song that's popular right now and yet wasn't a massive hit for Britney - why? I'm not sure - except the girls that sing this type of song have younger fans who dominate the pop market and maybe Britney just doesn't appeal to them? if so, good! but, not good for sales. The single is surprisingly doing well despite slow track, horrible music video, and a performance at the VMA's which was less than expected. 2 - The VMA's. Ok, we were all hyped up for an amazing performance - which turned into a G-Whatever performance - complete yawn fest. Britney looked great, hit her moves as best she could and of course, offered not one line note. I'm sorry, I know it's been repeated a million times, but this is becoming a real issue. We need a live performance - which actual live vocals otherwise she will continue on a downward spiral. Why is it so difficult? She sounded fine doing karaoke - so what is the problem? at least give us half! and I can't sit here and say her dancing is the reason - it's not 2004 - we aren't getting those moves back - if she didn't bring them to Vegas, we are never getting that again. Also, since she's performing at the VMA's - people wanted a spectacle, something shocking - daring, you know, like Britney used to give us - we got nothing. How hard would it have been to give us a shocking/daring moment? Then I think to myself, perhaps she doesn't want to be the center of attention anymore and be the snake/Madonna kiss type anymore and would rather just have fun. Ok, well then if that's the case we are experiencing the outcome. It is what it is. 3 - Britney's image. We need a re-invention, badly. In order to be more accepted and embraced musically, were going to need more live performances - again, this is a problem. All last week I heard about the lip synching and horrible VMA performance. Speaking of her GP image - I still hear comments about her head shaving and driving with her kids on her lap - for god's sake - that was 10 fucking years ago. Can we get it over it already? apparently not. 4 - Vegas. I support Vegas 100% and liked the show - however, without being on tour, she can't even perform many new songs, and since it's a GH show, she's not being seen as a current artist. I'm ready for Vegas to end a full scale tour to begin - but that's not up to me. I truly believe if "Glory" was released by any other pop tart they would be praised and it would be a big seller, but no, since it's Britney it's going to be forgotten. If a song like "Liar" was released by Carrie Underwood, it would be a #1 hit. It's disgusting, but true. That's just my opinion - and i'm no expert but these are some things i'm observing right about now.
  7. Yes, this is the really the most we've heard from her vocally since "In the zone", really. She's using different techniques and mixing things up within the same song - like in "Private Show" - I love the end when she goes "Oohhh Baby..Baby..." her high notes are so Britney - but then she gives up BOMT album vocals in the same song. I'm quite happy so far with this album. The Holy Trinity might be complete - and the album name would fit quite well...."In the Zone", "Blackout" and "Glory". I have high hopes for the rest of the tracks.
  8. I have to say that the three songs that have been released from "Glory" have been vocally interesting. In fact, it's the most vocally interesting stuff Britney has released in a long time. First, I like that there isn't a lot of vocal manipulation - these are pure Britney vocals without a ton of special effects. Also, I like the way she's singing some of the lines - like they start out slow and then all the sudden the lines speed up and then slow down again (this happens a lot in "Make Me"). While "Make Me" isn't my favorite song, it's still interesting. I guess my point of this topic is that these songs don't have the typical pop structure that were used to - and I am sick of! The new tracks have a different flow than most current songs - not the same old formula. I'm satisfied so far!
  9. Well, what exactly were you expecting? At this point, I think it would be hard for her to get a massive hit - she doesn't appeal to tweens that much anymore, and her older fan base doesn't have time to obsess over her chart positions anymore....and unless she does something that REALLY excites her non fans (think "Toxic"), this is the future for Britney. Also, the promo was almost non-existent - no tv appearances or performances - whatever the reasons for that are - it is what it is. Britney continues to remain stuck in between the Katy Perry/Taylor Swift scene and a more mature persona - she needs to just let go of the cute stuff and move on - that's the only thing that might help. But, perhaps she likes her image - well, ok then - nothing we can do about it. From what we've heard from "Glory", so far so good but the video for "Make Me" was two steps backwards - again, with the cute giggling girls - that's not appealing anymore for some of us. If you like the music - just enjoy it - she's doing well so far with her new music - the direction is better that what we got from "Britney Jean".
  10. I watched half of it....once. I'm over the song and video. It's ALL about Private Show now. Don't screw that up Britney!
  11. The song is one of her best - there needs to be some damage control - and FAST!
  12. Exactly! She can decide whatever she wants, but will we be there if it continues? We're all growing up - it's not 1999 anymore.
  13. I hate to say it, and this is the first time I think i've said it EVER in the past 18 years of Britney - the meltdowns this time are warranted - I personally cannot defend what happened with this release.
  14. She's going to need A LOT more than fan support to make this album huge and releasing this "video" was NOT the way to do it. Whatever happened with the original (which didn't look great by any means) they should have re-done it - not let this tarnish her reputation even further - I would have waited another month for the video if I had to over what they gave us today.
  15. Private Show is one of the best track's she's released in years. It's probably the most experimental thing she's released since "Hold it against me" - (I was going to say "Toxic", but we did get a little dub step with HIAM). It's about time she use her voice again like this - I love all of the different tones all rolled into one track. Yeah, her vocals are very nasal, but it's Britney - that's what she does.
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