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  1. its perfect harry's bridge is heaven he sounds like an angel
  2. fireproof is perfection ive had it on repeat since it was released one of my favorite songs ever it makes me so happy
  3. me too i think the single will come out in october tbh did u see this? it looks amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIhN8sMYidk
  4. he does & so does harry i love it
  5. idk what that is in fahrenheit
  6. hey im ok hru? same tbh i never knew it was so popular
  7. yes u do :frog: its amazing & ur favorite lyric one of mine too
  8. more than this shouldve at least been #2 i thought tmal would be much higher i wish is my second favorite song
  9. how hot does it get there? im so happy its going well for u i remember when u first got the job awe thats so awesome
  10. more than this was #3? moments slayed
  11. WMYB scoring higher than Another World & TMAL?
  12. its going alright but i hate heat so im over it hows target going? & wow u volunteer? how cool for what? ooh that sounds so nice! have fun
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