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  1. RT @wroetoshaw: If I don't upload before 9PM tomorrow ill give everyone that RT's this before then £100 https://t.co/zdS4Z8Ub2P

  2. @KwiffOfficial hey I have an acca placed, but the millwall - Sheffield Utd game hasn’t gone through on it and still… https://t.co/ecUYOqlZpU

  3. @ImAllexxTV @Will__NE Matchday vlog incoming

  4. RT @stylestruIy: arctic monkeys new album confirmed for may 11th https://t.co/GbeUxdxcEk

  5. RT @Floppy_Ragdoll: The end of 'Finding Dory' on Sweden's Netflix is, by far, the greatest movie moment in cinema history. https://t.co/SXL…

  6. RT @Jaack: I’m happy regardless. Just nice to remind cunts that they’re cunts sometimes. https://t.co/LuEPNTqqse

  7. RT @BasicallyIDoWrk: People wearing this skin insta finish downed players https://t.co/rkadXuqI3u

  8. RT @Calfreezy: Right, well that’s that then. Fml. Arsenal are so dead. Fav & RT this and I’ll pick a winner tonight and you can choose if i…

  9. RT @BarryStantonGB: went to see this "black panther" in cinema. love wildlife. sit at back with a carling and lunchbox the missus packed me…

  10. RT @timmyxbwers: Jacob is finally cuffed up. Our girlfriends are now safe to go outside https://t.co/mKuH76Bybx

  11. RT @SidemenClothing: Competition time! All you need to do is LIKE & RETWEET this tweet to be in with a chance of winning an unreleased SIDE…

  12. RT @MarvelStudios: 10 years in the making. https://t.co/eKCJuQJNOq

  13. RT @OfficialRandL: Not long until your first #RandL18 announcement! Here's what went down last year. ? ❤️ https://t.co/0qVeoXkQPq ? https:/…

  14. RT @DavidKHarbour: Internet, listen... I’m a giver. I give and I give. But now I need you. I need 200k retweets to go dance with penguins.…

  15. RT @BillRatchet: when you thought you cleared out greasy grove but someone in a bush snipes you https://t.co/HFXPedhvvU

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