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  1. I deleted it and what you need from my playlist
  2. I feel like we all want to defend britney's money
  3. actually that was funny , the cover is really ugly and unprofessional
  4. we don't need another khaleesi ( aka game of thrones -dragon queen) and I think you could use a better pic of britney
  5. so basically you're saying he is a pervert get used to it . this is what they do everytime ( eventhough I don't like it either )
  6. 03. Nicole Scherzinger when did it happen of course britney is number 1 , no surprise here
  7. Uhmm ..you were the one who came to the fans ? Nevermind . That turned out to be something dull.
  8. I cant how you are taking "special" seriously. Britney calls everything special , cool and amazing . Havent you gotten it yet ? And I guess she performed "me myself & I " is it so special ? There you go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sorry but expecting like live singing , worlwide tour or second single anouncement is not exaggeration . No one expects her to fly in the air Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. What ? I was expecting you would said that your favorite was minkey too Jongkey is so in the past , minkey is real Key is awesome he is so shameless I adore him because of that .
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