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  1. I was checking Terry O'Neill photography and I got inspired to make a cover for Glory based on a shoot he did with Raquel Welch, I don't usually do manipulation that much so I really worked hard on this one and I think it looks decent. I made three versions of Glory with a Back cover as well for each (Standard, Deluxe, Japanese Editions). I hope you guys will like them. Standard Deluxe Japanese
  2. I made a cover art for Blackout (Standard & Deluxe Edition). I wanted to keep the official look for the album but used different colour scheme for each cover. I will be making her discography however I will start from like my top favorite albums. Anyways without further ado here are the covers, hope you guys will like them. Standard Edition Deluxe Edition
  3. I was watching Pulp Fiction the other day and Uma really got my attention through her scenes, she was sexy, sassy & a fucking mess and that is a true classic Femme Fatale and that really inspired me to make a cover for Britney's album. So I based this cover on the Pulp Fiction poster. Hope you guys will like it. View Higher Quality Standard Edition Deluxe Edition
  4. RT @MohamedSaadoon: اي عقليه متخلÙÙ‡ تتصارع على احداث مضت عليها اكثر من 1400 سنهعيش حياتك...ودع هذه٠الصراعاتالحياه قصيره ماتستاهل واحد يخ…