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  1. Who posted this screenshots?
  2. Why doesn't she Just appear naked in a video? It makes no diffrence in this case...
  3. Her eyes are magical but face... can't looking at this
  4. So in Sweden show starts at 2 am? I'm very confused, because there are some people saying that in my country it will be 5 am...
  5. Singers don't sing like that. Furthermore her singing isn't like a pleasure for my ears. Brit can't sing live. She's just a performer.
  6. Nope baby. Artist (in this case I mean singer) is a person who makes his own music, who loves doing it, who got talent. Just like, you know, you don't need to look at special effects to feel like in a diffrent world. A voice is the most important thing. And Christina's voice takes you breath away even if she's just standing and got mic in her hand. Brit needs to have a couple of dancers, freaky costumes, lighting effects... You go to see her show not to hear how she sing (she doesn't sing anyway!) just to look at her... Can u imagine Britney sitting on a chair in a middle of the scene singing her songs? I personally can't. Singer is someone who CAN SING. Performer is someone who just makes a show. And they both are parts of music industry. And thanks for called my words a shit. Don't know ya, but see how smart you are.
  7. Britney is a performer, Xtina is a singer and an artist... Love them both, but listening to Brit only when i wanna chill out. Christina's voice is like a miracle and helps me everyday to go thorugh life. Btw i like when britney is wearing something whitne
  8. I want pre-recorded or playback but with with great Britney's dace moves. That's all that matters.
  9. Maybe it's the answer for "did you hear that..."
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