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  1. RT @ChrisEvans: Elevator.... https://t.co/f3qi6OBgG6

  2. RT @StephenAmell: BTW - let’s do a hypothetical and say I WAS insulting Beyonce. Peoples capacity to take a tiny slight and fire back with…

  3. RT @Marvel_FFightUS: There is nowhere in space where you can hide from what's coming, because he will send his children to find you. @Aveng…

  4. RT @Newsarama: C2E2 2018: DC UNIVERSE Panel @DCComics https://t.co/DslVuGjL7i

  5. RT @CBR: Marvel Teases the Extermination of the X-Men Blue Team https://t.co/L7fEWM9WLV https://t.co/4sRHWLXP3E

  6. RT @PowerRangersNOW: New cover for @BoomStudios’ Mighty Morphin #PowerRangers Issue 25! https://t.co/lNfJexbV9l https://t.co/kQTGoK3Wji

  7. RT @omelete: Mercenário não está sozinho em novo pôster internacional de Deadpool 2 - veja https://t.co/fgwyP63b4a https://t.co/sIvJXkZN7e

  8. RT @ERCboxoffice: Marvel's BLACK PANTHER will score another $16M this weekend, $630M total, making it #5 of all time domestically ahead of…

  9. cheguei pro update, olá Emma, olá Illy https://t.co/AmzMYeQQiG

  10. RT @StephenAmell: It’s hard out here for an archer. https://t.co/TKsuuOtZSa

  11. sabia que o Bunn não ia deixar a Emma na mão, sabia

  12. RT @universoxmen: #DARKPHOENIX: Nova imagem dos bastidores mostra os X-Men reunidos em missão espacial! #xmen #marvel https://t.co/bzQgw4Sy…

  13. RT @screenrant: New Mutants Reshoots Are Adding A New Character - Could It Be Warlock? https://t.co/eM3T0b9pF5 https://t.co/gzevFs3Zcj

  14. ? https://t.co/8RbOfEp0Dw

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