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  1. the link didn't work
  2. I'm trying to put together a drag mix for a show in April. using any versions of Brits songs from any concert or POM what should I use? keep in mind this is for chairty there will be people 17 and up attending the show.
  3. What 5 songs would you want Britney to perform?
  4. I'm no professional it's a benefit for homeless LGBT youth. I want to be better this year though! so critique away
  5. I can't tell if this is a compliment or not haha
  6. thanks for the input I will deff check out these versions
  7. lol! like I'm good with choreography but I need help lol
  8. I think the POM version is the best
  9. original version or one of the tour versions
  10. I love this!!! do u think there is another song beside freakshow that could be audience participation
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