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  1. @VueKerkrade krijgen jullie ook een Dolby Cinema zaal ??

  2. @hannahspears @AppleMusic Will it also be availible for preorder in Europe

  3. @CPetey222 @bradley_s_perry @parisberelc @kelliberglund @TheJakeShort @BillyUnger The Dutch #LREF première ! https://t.co/RdKGn9fnqR

  4. @remark060 youre such a drama queen !!!

  5. RT @CatchEmAlI: rt when you see it https://t.co/HKF4dmHrDD

  6. RT @musicshady_br: ? BATALHA DE SINGLES ? #RT: MAKE ME - BRITNEY SPEARS #FAV: RISE- KATY PERRY https://t.co/TknxaJtEiM

  7. RT @QmusicNL: Ons geduld is eindelijk beloond, Britney Spears heeft haar nieuwe single uitgebracht: https://t.co/vExEzfn3zZ https://t.co/be…

  8. RT @KingggAnthony: Thank you. The minute Britney Galaxy started getting bigger of course this bullshit happens. People are jealous. https:/…

  9. @wiloconyx die video maken ze niet voor niks denk dat het album ook #PrivateShow heet

  10. @QmusicNL hebben jullie de nieuwe single van @britneyspears al binnen ?? #MakeMe #B9

  11. @radioBERLIN haben sie heute die Premiere der neuen Single von Britney Spears #MakeMe #B9 #BritneySpears

  12. RT @LynnReySpears: When will anyone?! (I need answers) https://t.co/XY7WmsEwWA

  13. I asked QMusic Holland if there was any news of the new Single of britney they said the know nothing about a new single check the dutch tweets bellow. translation Qmusic tweet No, sorry we don't know anything about the single. as soon as we hear anything you will read it on Qmusic.nl
  14. @PLLTVSeries @imarleneking OMG this is even better then the dollhouse episode

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