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  1. RT @jstnbradley: Awareness: 99. RT @VersaceSilk: LeBron got 5,000+ career assists but this the best one https://t.co/QYsut1sDUI

  2. RT @LSUsports: ICYMI: @LSUCoachJones rewarded walk-on Henry Shortess with a scholarship Thursday. And it was awesome. #LSUhttps://t.co/X9U…

  3. RT @RetardPoIiceman: You're not supposed to breathe it stupid! https://t.co/t8leIv7IzW

  4. RT @the_1st_mimzee: Glad I'm not the only one that sees this. Draymond sets illegal screens every time. https://t.co/evrvDzRPa1

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