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  1. These are unedited paparazzi pics, and they aren’t staged either (*cough* kardashians). She clearly has possibly the best ass in the world, how is she so humble about it? If anyone else had an ass half as good as Britney’s, they would be posting pictures of it every day, but Britney doesn’t even seem to care! And the gp don’t even know about her ass! It’s just so crazy...
  3. I was just watching the slumber party video again and omg that part is so hot, I forgot how hot it was ? you just KNOW they’ve actually done it, just not with milk ?
  4. She really should have new stage outfits for the tour and this one would be better than anything she’s worn in vegas, she couldn’t wear just shoes with it though, some kind of interesting boot, it doesn’t have to be a really high boot
  5. Lmao emailmypussy wasn’t the source, I googled it and that tweet came up
  6. I HAVE SOME INFO ABOUT THE ORIGINAL MAKE ME VIDEO FROM SOMEONE ON TUMBLR . Ok so, there’s a part where someone is walking her on a leash like a dog, it’s when she’s covered in red glitter. I think she’s crawling around the pool and they like lead her into the cage? Apparently it’s hot AF. Next, the bulldozer scene: she licks the bulldozer but they didn’t say which part. The window of the bulldozer? I dunno but again, apparently it’s hot AF. And they said there’s more scenes that never got leaked, like one she’s wearing that dress outside the house and others. When we kept asking for more the person stopped replying... I would give anything to see this video ?why did this happen to us?I think the whole era would have been different if they went with the original video. WHY HASNT THE REST LEAKED OUT??? DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING MORE?
  7. A pic of her ass from last night is the top voted pic ??read the comments https://www.reddit.com/r/Celebritybutts
  8. oh. my. god. look at this costume this artist made SHE NEEDS TO WEAR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE SHOW HER AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLEASE, I KNOW BRITNEY PEOPLE READ THIS MESSAGE BOARD
  9. Yes but there's a HUGE difference between all the leotards she wears and this high-cut one, this one is amazing, she should keep it forever
  10. I see a lot of fans complain about the leotards but the high cut ones are actually the best stage outfits she's ever worn IMO, high-cut leotards are literally perfect for her, all her leotards should be high cut like this one
  11. It's fucking amazing and awesome and she should only wear thong cut bottoms like this, never diaper granny bottoms