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  1. It should be here http://extratv.com/2016/02/15/exclusive-britney-spears-laughs-off-blunt-comments-about-men-and-explains-why-she-made-them/
  2. Did the second video get taken down? What was it?
  3. Hmm I think you should wait. The new music and changes to POM are worth waiting for. Britneys doing great and i can only imagine how shell be when the new music hits
  4. Wow shes been with that manager for that long? can someone tell me what he says about the album? Its not working for me
  5. I love this thred lol i agree, i only see beyonce as her competition. If britney actually tried to promote and release good music this era, im positive she will sell. Shes already killing us with her show so i can just imagine the coming era
  6. Agreed, she finally seems comfortable and confident again. If she releases new music soon, aside from some promos, i wouldnt mind her being in vegas
  7. Yes but ive just never felt this way online though Ive been officially slayed by godney
  8. The show seemed to go by so quick? Did she shorten it or was i just that excited?
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