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  1. I do not login here often enough. Thanks for the response and I apologize for not seeing this until now. LOL. Good eye!
  2. What are the white markings on her forehead? Or am I crazy?
  3. It would be really cool if they met up again, I agree!!
  4. The other day I posted a few of Britney's 2000 Grammy photos on my Instagram, and it got me thinking about who played the little girl in the opening sequence. I asked about her in one of my favorite Britney groups on Facebook and a member informed me her name is Ashley Edner. This got me researching a little further, and I found her Twitter and her Instagram accounts. I tagged her in both as I wasn't sure if she was more apt to respond to one than the other. She ended up responding to both! She said she definitely hopes to see Britney in Vegas soon and is sure she puts on a great show (duh)! I would absolutely love to see these two reunite for a meet and greet! I think it would be even more awesome if Ashley showed up wearing pajamas for. https://twitter.com/FitLikeBritney/status/590544986732687360
  5. She does once in a while when she's with people or doing something. She posts cute videos and stuff, which I love more. The "selfie" generation is definitely a younger generation, in my opinion, and doesn't really suit Britney's personality (unless she were being SUPER goofy and making funny faces).
  6. She really doesn't look all that photoshopped to me. She looks essentially the same in the behind the scenes. I don't get what everyone is making a big fuss about. EVERY person in a magazine is photoshopped at least a little bit. This is annoying.