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  1. Congrats, Brit! 👑 Imagine if we had the original video! 😱 #Britney #BritneySpears #BritneyARMY https://t.co/LF3EIAroDN

  2. Happy Sunday, #BritneyARMY! What Britney song are you listening to right now? Are you playing the whole album? ❤️ -… https://t.co/OIINdpKZfG

  3. Oh, Brit. ? #GLAADawards https://t.co/SHTo8bT2ua

  4. 'Ellen's Pet Dish' Preview with Britney Spears https://t.co/VOgfP7vme8

  5. RT @kenzo: Opening party of the new @kenzo store in Seoul with creative directors Humberto Leon Carol Lim and djs #discosmack. Come and vi…

  6. RT @vmas: Still unreal to me that @britneyspears was 19-years-old when she performed "I'm a Slave 4 U" at the #vmas | #wcw https://t.co/EFL…

  7. @joanakgm21 Truth!!! Haha!

  8. ? NP: Britney Jean Ikaw? Anong Britney Album ang trip mo ngayon? ❤️ -BritRey @britneyspears #BritneyArmy… https://t.co/bltcSes27h

  9. @mybrandonboyd of @IncubusBand features @britneyspears in his Birthday Post on Instagram! ❤️ https://t.co/oiIQVz14jL

  10. WOW! ALMOST 1M LIKES ALREADY! Netizens were SHOOKT!!! ❤️ -BritRey https://t.co/eiLGBD6vLk

  11. Let's take a look at @britneyspears & @xtina's popular songs on @Spotify! -BritRey #britney #britneyspears… https://t.co/XuBV9StRrE

  12. Always proud of @britneyspeads being a huge part of the #pepsigeneration! https://t.co/kgXSvVYK45

  13. #NewProfilePic #PieceOfMe #PieceOfMeTour https://t.co/6ikujh8VPi

  14. PASOK MGA SUKI CHALLENGE ni Britney Spears!: https://t.co/TvWtZtnYKS via @YouTube

  15. Britney's Cebuana Dance Challenge: https://t.co/AznIbhAh9U via @YouTube

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