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  1. She HAS to perform! She has the hits, the looks....she´s a legend! Something like this...and EVERYONE`s WIG would be snatched immediately! She has so many hits.....it´s insane!
  2. You can ignore them though....go on the signature and click on the cross (it appears on the right corner)....then you can decide whether you want to ignore only one member´s signature or ALL signatures....
  3. In this selfie, he reminds me so much of Justin! The same hair cut, the same facial hair....they´re very similar in their looks I think, it´s just Britney´s type
  4. that´s what I was thinking too^^ It looks like it Touch Of My Hand Circus tour teas
  5. Looking good B! She looks so fit and so toned! Her belly Her legs Her body i seriously to die for!
  6. I agree This is so sad, because it´s like Romeo & Juliet....they want to be with each other, but at the same time they can´t be with each other And I believe you with Britney being very unsure about herself and about her effect on others/JT. Maybe she thinks that she´changed so much after 2007 that he doesn´t even acknowledge her anymore. They really are different persons now and maybe she´s not sure about how it all would work out between them. Also JT mentions in Amnesia that "she´s a stranger that [he] used to know" and that her breathing got colder. And he admits that "[his] whole memory of [him] and love has gone so far from [him]". He literally admits that his love for Britney was stronger than his love for his current wife! If they´d hook up again, he would see that she´s still the same southern woman he fell in love with. But his damn pride. It´s such a tragic lovestory
  7. Yes, I remember this. Someone said he talked backstage with Ellen while Brit was on stage. Though we don´t know if it was actually at that time or maybe sooner/later...This makes me so sad somehow
  8. I found some (new, at least for me ) pictures!
  9. I agree with many parts of your post! Though I don´t agree with your first part, because I really think that Britney still loves JT more than she loved her other relationship men. Also the fact that they still avoid each other after 12 years(!) at the PCAs, is fishy and screams unfinished business between them. When Britney arrived, Justin went to some Taco Bell restaurant by himself....this reminded me so much of this pic of them together at some fast food/steak restaurant....It was so odd of him to do so and then he tweeted the pic with all these people...it was so weird. Maybe he has been reminded of them eating together at taco restaurants that night. That´s why he went there...Yes, let me be delusional....But when I saw these pictures, it reminded me immediately of this pic with Brit