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  1. what do you girls think britney would say of 11 cm?
  2. @@Veronica the witch and what girl doesnt ? What was your vote in da poll?
  3. @@ifuseekme do u have the link for that thread?
  4. @@Mike.you have to accept britney as she is. havent you read the original post
  5. @@Mannequiney and what would be ur vote in the poll ?
  6. @@POMNEY :3 hahhaa for one night stand what do u think would be her minimum? do u know what is 4 inches? something like this a pen less 4 cm
  7. @@POMNEY :3 lool look what u just said, u said B-R-I-T-N-E-Y wouldnt mind a 10 cm dick, 4 inches
  8. i still hope to see britney making a remake of dont wanna a short dick man dont u guys think it would be a world sucess?
  9. @@POMNEY :3 the japanese average is 4 and 1/3 inches do you think britney would be happy?
  10. @@POMNEY :3 i just saw chaotic theres nothing i'll see the deleted scenes lol for u how many u consider small?
  11. I want her to make a song about it to clarify like lily allen has hahaha :x
  12. @@MonaLisaRedux loool but in "trouble for me" live she always makes small penis gesture and even did "L" of Loser after the small penis gesture.
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