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  1. Happy Birthday JayBee!

  2. I'm aware fo stage makeup, I use to act and model, and I've been through all that, there is however an actual huge difference in being orange and looking natural. Back in the days this would have worked but times have changed.
  3. She has like lot of makeup on! I wish she'd do something with a more natural sexy vibe to it. She looks good, but it's just a lot.
  4. You make it seem like it was re-released more then once when it was only once that it was added to circus cause britney wanted it to be a single, and her team wanted her to move on from blackout cause that was the "horrible 2007 meltdown era"
  5. Well..... that's you, I love everything she does. Bad or not. Except for not a girl not yet a woman... Now THAT was a horrible song.
  6. It wasn't that bad... It just didn't chart well. As a britney fan I loved it.
  7. Wasn't there a rumor of her supposedly set up to mimic or throw some type of shade to Iggy but looking like/doing this in the video. Due to the fact will said Iggy was supposed to sing it then they choose britney instead or something?
  8. Either the opening and move work bitch to then end or perform it last after till the world ends. I would like it that way.
  9. Oh shit! Relax hell cat lol Britney don't care about you any more then she cares about me so calm down, And I seen that post me and any other person speaking thier mind on a forum where your supposed to (you're to sensitive to read a couple words, then excuse yourself from the forum) about britney and how we feel caused you to make. And all i have to say is I won and you let me get to you by voicing my own. Have a good day.
  10. Please. This is a free forum, britney honestly can care less about any one of us on here and you guys are practically killing yourself for something I said which in the picture she does look bigger then she has the past couple of days. Thw fan here want to be sensitive and cry over the smallest things, when they including you are bashing people for speaking there mind and voicing their own opinion on a forum. Lol go ahead ban me, I'll still be able to come back here time to time. Just cause I'm not a suck up, and a blind fan like everyone on here don't me you have to make warnings. But do as you feel needed to. I will not die.
  11. No No I meant big as in wide, fat, bigger then yesterday. Duh!
  12. Fat? Bigger? Wide? Etc. she does look big in that picture compared to the past few days. Don't cry now.
  13. Says the ugly cunt monster who don't have a real avatar pic up.
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