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  1. RT @imlauranus: j'viens de redécouvrir à quel point le générique de Tintin est puissant https://t.co/8CmS43FaUD

  2. RT @RollingStone: Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for Music for his fourth album, 'DAMN.' https://t.co/Gw4l3f3YQC https://t.co/ti…

  3. RT @britneyspears: ✨@glaad awards tonight ✨ #GLAADawards https://t.co/dO5CBc1Txx

  4. RT @Raaaaayhan: Qui se souvient de Pokémon Go ? Du mec de quartier aux petits de 8 piges tout le monde était corda pour dire que c'est fun…

  5. RT @clarkinlarkin: 2. Thought that was the end of the interaction. That is, until @ChelseyReist stormed up, told them to check themselves a…

  6. RT @HilarieBurton: Happy Birthday @BethanyJoyLenz !!! You, the most talented and gorgeous of women, have had such an impact on my life. You…

  7. RT @MisterIconic: Inside the clubs bathroom talking to friends & you hear "Its Britney Bitch" https://t.co/yclEIhCA21

  8. RT @swiggitynope: working with children: a mood board https://t.co/0hNnQz89Au

  9. RT @gerardcollomb: Le lieutenant-colonel Arnaud Beltrame nous a quittés. Mort pour la patrie. Jamais la France n’oubliera son héroïsme, sa…

  10. RT @BFMTV: L'athlète français Mathieu Louisy a disparu à Las Vegas https://t.co/0Jsjawja6t https://t.co/LkV9SdpSjR

  11. RT @guialanca: PTDRRR JCOMPRENDS RIEN MAIS LE CHAT ME TUE https://t.co/qW7yfnEDzO

  12. RT @samclaflin: So proud of this little gem. Here it is. As promised. The #AdriftMovie trailer. https://t.co/42lAh8iY9Z

  13. RT @alex_indahouse1: De mieux en mieux Lille https://t.co/q7EIo9CKdX

  14. RT @Norenta0606: Les vrais héros ne portent pas de capes https://t.co/Kejis8m2LK

  15. RT @RWitherspoon: Overwhelmed, excited and truly humbled, I will never forget this moment. March 5, 2006. I am thinking about every nominee…

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