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  1. I get you but I was just making an observation and commenting on it. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. I didn't take any of her tweets as shade though and I understood perfectly what she meant. I was just saying that second line comes off as a bit too much and people can easily take it the wrong way.
  3. She could have left out the second sentence because it kinda implies that she might have meant shade even though she clearly didn't.
  4. I don't really see it but I do agree that Gaga > Selena in terms of coming close to attempting to match Britney's success. I see that Selena admires Britney as much as we do but come on Gaga's peak was enormous though, people all over the world were fascinated with her for quite a while. But she hasn't come close to Britney in terms success and she's not doing very well on keeping longevity. I don't really see her eras matching Britney's eras either but maybe that's just me
  5. Aww thanks, you're so sweet I didn't mean that in a everybody-feel-bad-for-me kinda way though lol. I also see my belly as a sign of me not taking care of my body inside and out and when I see Britney's pics, it just reminds me that I have to start working to stay healthy (with the result of looking hot as a very attractive side benefit ofc )
  6. Phonography (I love UY but I don't really know how she could perform that song lol) Phonography or Can't Make You Love Me
  7. I love her body in the last pic, so toned but also has that feminine softness So sad, I'm the same age as Britney in the first pic but my current belly size is somewhere between VMA 2007s and pregnant-ney. I need to get to work
  8. They both had the body for the dress but Britney's makeup and hair matched with the dress >>>>>>>>>>>> Scarlett's combo
  9. Nice, hiking is so much fun I wish I could go (with Britney)
  10. wow I get his intentions but that's pretty rude of him
  11. So many business people! I'm majoring in econ lol.
  12. Their BSN and the BSN here are like almost complete opposites. People aren't kidding when they say the trolls are running that section now But I agree with what others have said about this website having an established small fanbase now. A lot of the members who left are adamant of their feelings for Jordan and I can't imagine them ever "forgiving" him and going back.
  13. I love how you included Slaymie Lynn lol At first I thought you linked us to some basic forum that stole Exhale's name. The current default layout for that site is such a mess