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  1. True i would think with all the money she pays him he would try a little harder
  2. I hope she gets more involved and not go last minute as per usual
  3. I cant believe she hasnt rehearsed wnat is she even doing
  4. Christinas is so bad she looks nice toned down though
  5. Like termofendearment said, ITZ era hair would be amazing
  6. A big to glenn If he ruins her mv and or promos im not even gonna bother
  7. If she said say goodbye to piece of me as we know it, im guessing everything is going to be changed. Maybe not all the songs will get replaced but it should include different themes
  8. I know. Once she gets attached its hard to get rid of them i hate how he just loads her with black eyeliner and sends her on her way. That much has never looked good on her tbh
  9. Has she always had this guy as her makeup artist or for how long has she been with him. I dont really like him
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