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  1. Will we get the full profesionnal video of her apperence ? I want to see her in HD so bad !
  2. Yes I noticed this I wish she was keeping promoting stage outifts like that, but anyway
  3. I also made an edit I edited her lips, her nose, her eyes and fixed her make up
  4. YAYYYY !!!! I will finally see her !!
  5. It's the way she acts, dances, ... There is somethin so special and so fierce in her without being a diva if you know what I mean. That's natural for her. This is something that a lot of gay men love about Brtney Spears. So I do. But globally as a person and without speaking about orientation, Britney is a very kind person, we all know that, she's a smart Louisiana girl who became a POP Star. She is the american dream in every angles. We all know that she had bad days in her life that most people can understand and relate to. Britney Spears is a real person. She has so many hit songs that will never ever get old, that's kinda amazing That's other reasons why people like her ! I mean, how could anyone don't like her ? She is so brilliant. I've never stopped following her since 2007, I feel so blessed to have found this incredible girl in my life because she helped me a lot in some parts of my life.
  6. Things that would be very interesting in 2017/2018 : - WORLD TOUR - New single and music video for Glory - Performance at 2017 BBMas - Big performance on Vmas That's all I need
  7. I think it depends on the picture but globally I think she is beautiful in this red carpet And I don't know why but I LOVE THIS PICTURE !
  8. Considering that Britney is like dead in Europe and certainly in Australia and Asia too, I'm impatient ? OK I think that a lot of Americans can't imagine what it's like here. We have litterally NOTHING. Britney is not on the radio anymore, not on TV, and who cares about Vegas ? So yeah I'm "impatient" If you don't care about that and you are pleased like that it's a shame. Cause Britney is an international popstar ! Do you still know that ? As a fan I'm really afraid that the situation is getting worse and worse overseas. And I respect her and her choices, don't get me wrong BUT this is getting very annoying her Vegas thing. I want the best for her cause she is still the true POP princess And I'm not the only one who are in my position without a doubt.
  9. Are you serious ? IMPATIENT ??? That's what we are since 2013 and now it's too much. We need singles, music videos and a tour. I think that's kind of normal to ask for these kind of things. But whatever ...
  10. LOVE ME DOWN 3nd single please ! And performance with a lot of choreo at the VMAs... my life would be complete omg ps: Didn't she say that she would never come back to the VMA's ?
  11. I know that I am debuting a very tricky thread, BUT let's get real, wtf does Britney with her lips ? like come on ! They just look worse and worse I do respect her choices, dont get me wrong, but when I saw this M&G I litterally fricked out. Seriously. I took this photo but there are plenty other ones like this. And I know that she does sort of arward smiles on M&Gs but she has never been looking that scary I am a really big fan of Britney, I respect her choices but I think it's normal as a true Britney fan to be sad about the fact that she is loosing her perfect smile that she always had in the past. Since I don't want to make any drama here, I am just asking what you guys think about that. I am so worried... I really hope that she will stop this !
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