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  1. RT @heidimontag: [email protected] is inspiring me to get in shape! #YouBetterWork

  2. RT @PopCrave: "I met Katy Perry, so I would rather fly with Taylor Swift because I've never met her before" -Britney Spears https://t.co/OI…

  3. RT @britneycharts: Make Me... debuted at #15 on United World Chart (mediatraffic) with 133.000 points https://t.co/9NuMsYY7Wi

  4. RT @britneycharts: Make Me... is @britneyspears's 20th Top 20 on Billboard Hot 100 https://t.co/k22WNFAVNb

  5. RT @britneycharts: Make Me debuted at #11 in France SNEP Chart https://t.co/cm2NmqutdQ

  6. RT @partylikeits07: Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (2003) https://t.co/xx8t3X0BH1

  7. RT @Cinemartistry: Jurassic World (2015) - Director: Colin Trevorrow. https://t.co/VwS7iS33cp

  8. RT @partylikeits07: Britney Spears performing at the House of Blues - 2007 https://t.co/25gZNmJTU5

  9. RT @britneyvibes: What's wrong with that? Isn't that what an artist should aim for? Mariah literally aimed for that herself.... https://t.c…

  10. RT @FataleSong: Happy Birthday @LilKim ? https://t.co/GltuKPtySc

  11. RT @Daily_Star: Are you ready? Britney Spears lined up for epic VMA comeback https://t.co/iLJBpMrVEA https://t.co/1sLHAzPRFe

  12. RT @godneybjs: Britney Spears ending obesity with promoting healthy living & work ethic https://t.co/oMwcEL7oh7

  13. RT @drugproblem: my life in 4 images https://t.co/7P5OrJnrwi

  14. RT @codyspearz: She was shook https://t.co/OKTOpP2cC2

  15. I think @ddlovato is fat, ugly and not relevant ! #pootlovato #CONFIDENT

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