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  1. RT @BritneysLegion: [email protected] performing at her #PieceOfMe show tonight. ?✨?? https://t.co/Sx8aHfVSCr

  2. RT @BritneysLegion: #OhLaLa hits 60 million views on @Vevo https://t.co/ZGwA81JbBd https://t.co/YhVVVsvFJV

  3. RT @MikeAdamOnAir: The below artists are allegedly being considered for the 2018 #SuperBowl Halftime Show. Who should it be???

  4. how else is so excited for #BritneyLiveInConcert

  5. hey @OnAirRomeo I want to request @britneyspears #ChangeYourMind on @MostRequestLive #MostRequestedLive ??✨? https://t.co/tp2DxQhB6T

  6. RT @1033ampradio: VOTE your favorite in the Fan Army Madness Bracket!! #Selenators vs. #BritneyArmy @selenagomez @britneyspears https://t.…

  7. RT @britney87583083: I know the music's good... ♩ #IFIMDANCING ♩ #GloryStreamingParty https://t.co/Czu5PWXA1k

  8. RT @dyegodimitri: #NowPlaying #ChangeYourMind (No Seas Cortes) de Britney Spears ♫ https://t.co/eWeZdj3FfU

  9. hey @OnAirRomeo I request #ChangeYourMind by @britneyspears on @MostRequestLive please we have requested so much! #MostRequestedLive

  10. RT @afentyi: Omg Britney's mic feed leaked ? https://t.co/snQUKraNa8

  11. RT @BritneysLegion: 'The Fast and Furious' chose @camilacabello97 over @britneyspears for their soundtrack?✨ https://t.co/iykyWEFTsU

  12. RT @SlaveForUBrit: Like a #SlumberParty ? @BritneySpears @Tinashe ? https://t.co/VxePUxSOtN ? https://t.co/9OvPsg5P2v ? https://t.co/…

  13. should we leave Stan twitter?

  14. RT @BritneysLegion: [email protected] has @Snapchat herself wearing a @britneyspears #SlumberParty onesie. ??✨?? https://t.co/SDUZYszcPd

  15. vote for @britneyspears ???? https://t.co/JAKrQXeuZE https://t.co/OjnlUnD8Mw

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