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  1. what? im not keldam

  2. I'm in Australia so I haven't got it yet! Someone please send me the link i cant wait a few more hrs for it to download to itunes!
  4. Now that we know Britney is performing at the VMAs, what does everyone think Glory will debut at? Me personally, don't mind at all as long as the music is quality (which it will be) quality over quantity! But I'm still curious as to see what everyone thinks now that the Queen of the VMAs is coming to snatch weaves and show these basic bitches how a performance is done!
  5. Older men are sexier ? they know what their doing ??
  6. If it makes you feel better, I turn 26 in October
  7. How old is everyone right now? Like whats the general age bracket of Britney fans?? I'm currently 25, and have been a fan since day 1, so I've loved Britney since I was 8... What about everyone else?
  8. She doesnt love her as much as me but shes excited for the party lol..
  9. I wish me buying could contribute to the US charts, because Australia is so lame and dont like Britney which shits me to tears!! And what gets me is Britney has like 40 million likes on facebook, where are all these fans? Why arent they buying the album? Flog fans tbh! I will be there on the day of its release, and in fact, me and my friend are having a Britney party next Friday, we have vanilla candles, its a Glory listening party, and then we will be partying all night to all of britneys albums, we will have britney themed drinks and britney themed games and britney themed food! We are going all out! I can't wait to get that physical copy in my hands next Friday!!
  10. I hope we get a new song! #Praying4JustLoveMe
  11. Just wanted to know if we will be getting a new song this week as I haven't heard anything about it.. Last we got was Clumsy and I'm hoping we get one more before the album is released! Anyone heard anything?
  12. I don't mind Selena though, no shade, I just think people seem to forget that Britney is an icon and an inspiration to all these popstars these days..
  13. lets be real... Selena is nothing without Britney, Britney practically wrote the book on how to be sexy!!! Selena has been copying Britneys style for years, so when she releases one album all of a sudden Britney is copying her? No no, sit down and take a look at history!! Its so stupid, its like when the little monsters ripped Madonna because they heard express yourself and thought madonna was copying gaga when that song had been released 15 years before gaga even was a household name!
  14. I literally only downloaded itunes just for Glory! I have it pre-ordered I promise! I always support Britney, I'm there at the crack of dawn at the shops buying her album in physical copy!
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