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  1. I hate being on the east coast solely because I have to wait til tomorrow to see the footage. whaaaaaambulance
  2. It's pretty hick and very lazy: http://bakeatmidnite.com/creamy-chicken-ritz-casserole/ The cheeto recipe actually requires chopping an onion, lolol
  3. Asparagus Spears... SPEARS... aahahahahahhahahaaa
  4. I mean, I believe it. It looks just like Chicken Ritz, another southern dish, but with cheetos instead of ritz crackers.
  5. I think the VMAs performance was her way of just saying FU to everything. She wouldn't have promoted, no. She was checked out, imo.
  6. Considering his official website is hosted by WIX.com, I'll believe it when I fucking see it.
  7. ontourage is the best punny name ever. such a waste.
  8. I would love it if she brought back the voicemail schtick from Oops.
  9. I've actually been bopping to this for a while. Wondering about the truth of the Britney claim though...
  10. Gaga and Janet. Charlie XCX, maybe. I'd like to see her with Kesha again, once Kesha is out of Sony's deathgrip.
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