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  1. https://t.co/SO252IVb0Y

  2. RT @alyandajstan: if i wake up to a tory gov tomorrow i won't be trying to wake up again https://t.co/5c34wcHz8w

  3. RT @britneyspears: I'm devastated about what happened in Manchester. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy ❤️ #prayformanc…

  4. RT @GMA: On this day 17 years ago, @britneyspears released her studio album 'Oops... I Did it Again' https://t.co/cR1wAPI5hR

  5. RT @caitlynnrenee: #TrumpBoysBreakTheInternet when you couldnt bust a nut in your cousin so you gotta bust the internet for some reason??‍…

  6. RT @rachelPLZdotcom: THE BEACH GONNA GET WHATEVER BODY I GIVE IT https://t.co/NSOxVqm2iT

  7. RT @alliex: another day without the new @lanadelrey album, another heartbreak.

  8. Missing ya. https://t.co/d7r26BjeAY

  9. RT @officialcharts: This'll be a Ray of Light in the cinema schedules! A film is being made based on @Madonna's life https://t.co/Mo3NjIZJh…

  10. RT @COCONUTOILBAE: me allowing music to give me a false sense of confidence and control over my life even tho i ust finished having mental…

  11. https://t.co/TURiWki5mS

  12. RT @xadoringpaige: I trolled Southwest Airlines and it was so fucking funny ?? I'm dead at their response ?? https://t.co/h5oM02kE2O

  13. RT @esheikh_: After this incident United Airlines will never have to worry about a flight being overbooked again. https://t.co/P9t61kYmox

  14. RT @femmeslayer: the universe: i have a plan for you me: what's it? the universe: https://t.co/nZT1hm05eg

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