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  1. Yes. 12 am is morning...
  2. I can't at the negativity. She looks incredible!! And soooo fierce. #workbitch
  3. But. All of the 'Coming Soon' songs on that site have already been out... Except for Pixie Lott's and Britney's. I'm thinking the radio stations just don't have an official date yet, but have the song and will wait until they're given the "ok" from team B. But I'm guessing they're preventing leaks by doing this. I'm guessing around the 15th shell release. Album in August.
  4. I would totally help you if I still lived there! I LOVE helping with drag shows! It's a passion of mine. I am not a professional,by any means. I started watching Derrick Barry, going to drag shows, networked for makeup after the show then sort of went from there I would suggest just watching different videos. I also have done different megamixes made by fans! You could get some awesome ideas from fan made mixes as well You're going to do great! Make Britney proud, baby!
  5. Funny you ask, I just moved from western NY last August! 😂
  6. I'm not here for repeatney. I want something totally new and risky, like her Onyx era, but not THE Onyx era. She was descreatly obscene, involved, sexy (but not trampy like Floptina's Stripped era), raw, and just really experimental with her sound. I have a feeling that's what we should expect from this era, but I'm not holding my breath for anything revolutionary. I think it'll be her best album from the past decade, though. And that's not my hope talking, that's a true gut feeling. And, as always, we will "have to wait and see..."
  7. I used to help my friend with choreography and set lists for drag competitions! I think it would be fun to do something like Work Bitch to get everyone hyped (but studio POM version, with the intro), Everybody (I think this is a fun one to do because it's one you can walk around and grab tips and do little dance moves here and there; not as strict; watch Derrick Barry's performance on YouTube), Slave 4 U is always a fan fave (I personally like the Onyx Hotel studio version), S&M (Britney only, this is a fun one to include a person from the audience... That's what we did), womanizer (either X Factor studio version or FF tour studio version; this is a good one to end with. FF version= cop themed; also one we included an audience member and sat them in a chair with handcuffs and made it like an interrogation; X Factor Version is fun with a whole Circus theme.)
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