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  1. RT @carmenaprew: Some girls actually have no boundaries or respect 😑

  2. What planet are these people on who think snapchatting their steering wheel with a shit song playing in the backgro… https://t.co/CIMCELRBoi

  3. RT @Missguided: IT’S OFFICIAL ✨✨ @khloekardashian is a mama to a baby girl! Congrats Khloe ?? https://t.co/oZJeFFFVGO

  4. #SayYesToTheDress is getting me so excited ????

  5. RT @AnneMarie: https://t.co/eRgaiAzUI2

  6. Gotta work 10-6 tonight and I've had no sleep at all ????? help

  7. Getting serious Trilogy / Kiss Land vibes from My Dear Melancholy ? @theweeknd

  8. ??? https://t.co/57vOb4ruol

  9. @Yazmine_Craig @Sam_Edwards81 Hahahaha crying

  10. RT @BethCampbell_Xx: Work friends are a special breed of friends I swear they know every detail about your life and are so non-judgemental…

  11. RT @cammysteel98: Think they moved onto a different type of party bag https://t.co/GxIQh9ygdQ

  12. RT @BBCEarth: ‘Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet’ ✨ RIP Stephen Hawking https://t.co/cQu9t8JHIh

  13. ??☕️⚡️✨? @wbtourlondon https://t.co/GwFr8D3ugK

  14. RT @holl_mason: Hearing about girls getting with lads when they know he’s in a relationship is what scares me. Wanna keep my boy locked awa…

  15. RT @Hannon_18: BREAKING: Tesco's says it will no longer sell firearms and ammunition to anyone because it never has because we're not insan…

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