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  1. LOL I'll admit I used to believe in conspiracies like that too some years ago. Now looking back on it, I'm like "Rebellion ain't that deep"
  2. TAKE OFF JUST FLY AWA-A-AY TO FIND YOUR SPACE Can we like, take a moment to appreciate this masterpiece? It's probably one of her best unreleased songs. Imagine if this had leaked in 2012 or something, when people still cared about Original Doll and came up with theories about it
  3. Last year there were some sort of awards in which BTS performed. They danced to an alternative mix of MIC Drop with some added dance breaks: Fans were quick to make edits of the audio, in order to create a partial studio version: Months later, BTS released a re-edition of the album in which this song was featured, and guess what! They added the official studio version of this mix: Interesting, isn't it? Okay so I'm not a particularly big fan of them and I just kind of listen to them sometimes, but one day I came across a low quality snippet of a demo version of Fake Love on instagram: I felt like the darker vibe of the demo was way better than the original. I looked up fanmade edits and came across this wonderful one. The instrumental was recreated from scratch: Now, the normal thing a Britney Army would think is "Well, we'll have to listen to this. It's all we'll ever have", right? Who would ever think of team Britney officially releasing demo versions or tour audios? Pffft. Hilarious! So I didn't get my hopes up and kept listening to that fanmade edit. It's a perfect edit anyway. But.... SURPRISE, BITCH! TODAY THEIR COMPANY RELEASED A REMIX OF THE SONG USING THE DEMO VERSION'S BEAT. THAT'S RIGHT. THE DEMO VERSION'S BEAT. I'm honestly shook. Team B needs to pull something like this out of their sleeve. #ReleaseRebellion2k18 #GiveUsOriginalDoll
  4. Hey! It's me Faith

  5. @Turn Ya Head is a queen :sunglasses:

  6. He filtered the original audio from the LQ video and mixed it with the album instrumentals
  7. This thread is old like what
  8. It's an account that came from ForumRebellion Brazil, what did you expect? Lmao
  9. He meant ''don't hold your breath''
  10. Do you come from Exhale? Seems like you use emotes from there.
  11. @Faith would you like me to add the logos to the rest?
  12. Just got some new markers so I'll be drawing more from now on. I also got a few pencils :omg: 


    Oh wait I need to learn how to draw properly first :selenerz: