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Turn Ya Head

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  1. @Turn Ya Head is a queen :sunglasses:

  2. He filtered the original audio from the LQ video and mixed it with the album instrumentals
  3. This thread is old like what
  4. It's an account that came from ForumRebellion Brazil, what did you expect? Lmao
  5. He meant ''don't hold your breath''
  6. Thanks! It'll take a while but I'll do it
  7. I'll do this! Let me know where to send whatever I want to say
  8. Do you come from Exhale? Seems like you use emotes from there.
  9. @Faith would you like me to add the logos to the rest?
  10. @Faith I addded a logo to your ITZ artwork!
  11. Just got some new markers so I'll be drawing more from now on. I also got a few pencils :omg: 


    Oh wait I need to learn how to draw properly first :selenerz: 

  12. I think he isn't featured because he only sings background vocals, but omg it would have been such an attention claiming song at the time if it said that