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  1. Hmm... I feel like my list is short compared to some of these. Rihanna (Rated R Tour) Ke$ha (Opening for Rated R Tour) Nicki Minaj (FFT) Britney (FFT) Hugh Jackman (randomly walking into his broadway show in NYC lmaoo) Miley Cyrus (Bangerz Tour) Honestly I just want to see Madonna and Gaga, then my life will be complete. Almost saw Gaga for Born This Way's tour but then that hooker broke her hip like an old lady and Artpop was a joke, so I had to take a pass on that.
  2. LEGEND. Her mixtapes are fire. Poor thing was screwed over by her label for 10 years. HATE EM.
  3. I would have loved it more if will.he.go wasn't the chorus. Idk who's idea that was but...
  4. RIGHT. Such a missed opportunity, that song was one of the only really great songs that will.i.stop didn't get his hands on to ruin for BJ.
  5. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.
  6. If she's going to go irreverent Madonna-spinning-on-a-pole 'Holy Water'/'Like A Prayer' kind of moments, then I'm fully here for it... If not then...
  7. EDIT: Looks like the person I worked with on this and who filmed it put the video on private now - so thanks to everyone who watched it when they could. First, I'm not even sure if this is where this post would go but sure... here it is. I'm new here (moved from another site because... @ the mess), but I figured I'd post a thread with details about a show I created and produced using the virtual platform Second Life. Basically the concept was to do a full length show featuring Brit's greatest hits and songs from her new album. We performed the show over the span of Dec. 2, 2013 to Jan. 5, 2014; filming the clips in the YouTube videos on two different dates. When I was working on staging, setlist, mixing tracks, etc. the album hadn't even come out yet so any of the tracks from BJ were studio mixed and added as soon as the iTunes stream dropped. I took a lot of inspiration from past tours (specifically FFT) as well as the renderings that were released of her stage for Vegas. Britney's staging is half the reason I'm a stan, no one on earth (except Queen Madge) creates sets that you never forget the way Brit does. Costuming was created by my friend Ash - we took a lot of inspiration from them from The Blonds runways. We both are obsessed with any time Britney wears The Blonds, which made the Vegas promos EVERYTHING when they were released. Head to toe Blonds. This show was what I was HOPING the Vegas shows would be similar to... needless to say we all saw how that went. #JusticeForStageLifts Hope you guys like it - the filming is a little dark, we didn't realize that until post production but I still think it's really great. I've learned a lot of new tricks with scripting and design over the past 2 years; I'm currently working on a brand new show using unreleased material and fan favorites. WOO! Sidenote: The finale song/mix is my favorite thing I've ever done and it was really a missed opportunity for Britney's team to use in Vegas but... then again they miss a lot of opportunities to begin with. SETLIST: TOUR PROMO IMAGES:
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