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  1. If you don’t have a longer wig underneath the wig you’re wearing then it’s not a reveal. I don’t want to see a pix… https://t.co/kg93MZQFyJ

  2. @seanhannity Lol. Sure Sean. 😘 https://t.co/frAKBlmYz0

  3. @SheDatWeDat Well I’m from AR and I’m pretty sure @SenTomCotton fucks goats/sheep in his spare time. So our repres… https://t.co/RV3el69sfy

  4. RT @MariahCarey: If you then you don't don't love deserve me at my me at my h…

  5. RT @JimCarrey: I looked on Trivago. The cheapest room in Washington is a youth hostel with bunkbeds at $81 a night. The $50 room Scott Prui…

  6. @MollyJongFast True, and they have better fashion sense... Cruella de Vil may have wanted to skin those puppies bu… https://t.co/3GPHXVCQ50

  7. @realDonaldTrump YOU are a sad, pathetic, & moronic hypocrite. You belittle & discredit players in the NFL for kne… https://t.co/VouhwG8J2p

  8. RT @Neil_McNeil: hey kids sry ur friends keep getting murdered but i wanna protect a 300 year old document that was originally written so t…

  9. RT @annika_bobb: my mom just sent me this video of my dog stealing her phone i’m crying im laughing so hard https://t.co/dMxomEIaIt

  10. RT @BettyBowers: By now, I think Cynthia Nixon is pretty qualified to be a lesbian. https://t.co/PnrWeommYX

  11. RT @dracomallfoys: this is my new favorite Barbie character.....im in tears lmfao https://t.co/zvYE53FlHf

  12. RT @dog_rates: This is Bunsen. He grew pup into a fine young medical professional. Specializes in mending hearts. 13/10 would ask for him s…

  13. @beels @gollum1419_g Is this real? Lol.

  14. RT @dankbonnet: Waffle House would NEVER https://t.co/dwFUjlLtRG

  15. @thehill https://t.co/StsT2a0bz1

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