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  1. She deserves this standing ovation ! Her medley was fire and I am sure she will be perfect for her new performances
  2. She is so wonderful The outfit, the hair, she is so natural front of the camera, joking and laughing. I am so happy !!! All those years waiting for this I just can erase the interviews and the scared looks from the Femme Fatale area from my head now
  3. I am not a huge fan of this kind of music but we'll see !
  4. I hope this music video will be iconic too ! I love her outfits so far and I think the dancers are hot !
  5. This is such a sad news. I just can't believe it... He was so young. RIP Andre. You made us dream for years, dancing with Britney !
  6. Well, all we know from now is that they are rehearsing a choreography. I am sure Britney will give us some clues and pictures when she'll be on the set. It was all the same with Pretty Girls. We got some pics from the dancers first during rehearsals and then she posted some pics too during the filming. I hope she'll post pics like she did for Work Bitch (the wonderful green/blue swomming suit pic) so we will have the full surprise when the music video will be released
  7. Thank you so much for this video. Finally we've got it full. She was so young... That's funny to see all the way she's be through until now.
  8. I love the TOUCH OF MY HAND intro Thanks for sharing this studio version
  9. That would be just perfect !!! I love this TV show
  10. I wish it will be the 20th but I don't wanna think of it too much because it's not happening, I'm gonna be so upset! I am focusing on her performance on the 22nd That's for sure, she'll be there =)
  11. I hope it's gonna be Britney related ! If not, we'll all be disappointed :-/
  12. So will I but I'm sure she'll rock !!!! She was on fire for the last few months so I believe she can make an amazing performance
  13. I think it's a good thing to do a nice and first TV performance alone She will feel confident and she knows that her songs are Hits, people will like them! And adding the new song is a good way to promote the new album !!! I cannot wait !!! I'll stay up all night long to watch it live (I'm from France !!!)
  14. I know some fans won't be thinking the same way but I'd love to hear a duet with Gaga and Britney. Something really pop, really girl power. Telephone is nice but come on, we need something more =)
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