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  1. @SoulSanctuary_ thank ^_^

  2. @NoFIoods @ShangHiiieee https://t.co/aadv0eVhbS

  3. Tfw you realize there are actually people who enjoy being alive https://t.co/Vzq2OlnE3m

  4. RT @__trillgawdd: my dad & prince posters when he was younger?lmaooo https://t.co/09tjmkOI1T

  5. Potential Drag Name: Gevalia Coffee

  6. RT @QueenDhami: Like??? https://t.co/PN24uXFNWk

  7. Oh wow https://t.co/4FU4hJIHGw

  8. Every promise don't work out that way

  9. Vanity was better looking than Patty Kotero

  10. I would be outraged by the words of Gene Simmons and Azealia Banks, but I've just come to expect such behavior from them.

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