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    Underground Dancing Till the World Ends ;)
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    Singing, Songwriting, Sports, Music, Eating, etc.

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About Me

About Me:


Favorite Britney Song: Till the World Ends

Favorite Britney Album: Femme Fatale 

Favorite Britney Music Video: Work B**ch

When I Became a Britney Fan: Pre Circus, I loved the beat and song to Womanizer and that's when I became a fan. I'm glad to be a fan! 

Favorite Britney Gifs: :fyea::disagreewitchu::4music::zoomzoom:  :orly: etc...

Favorite Britney Emotes: :trollney::frenchy::umomg::omg1:


Anything Else You Want to Know About Me Just PM Me! :):hug: