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  1. Flawless Fatale Blackout Glory
  2. And didn't they play spin the bottle when younger and Brintey and Ryan had to kiss? Ooooooh
  3. I buy from iTunes, just simply because I like buying music
  4. I like the song, took me like 50 listens to like it, but I like it. she deserves it after the Dangerous Woman Tour attack
  5. That and it was made during the worst time so I doubt Britney really likes it that much just cuz of all the controversy of that time
  6. They listed I Love Rock & Roll as a terrible cover and Satisfaction was #1 naming it the worst cover ever
  7. She’s also on the lists for worst covers, so basically that means she shouldn’t do collabs or covers although Slumber Party and Make Me... are gems
  8. @Mrs Jared Leto bishhhhh you 27 today??? Happy Birthday!!!!
  9. I don't know, either way it would of helped the song Lack of concept or not. One rumor I heard was that Sony or whoever was sponsoring it, didn't like the idea of the TV killing a person in the pool Another reason could of been where in that dancers on the tractor scene it sounds like Britney is screaming at the director and it sounds like she says, "I don't like it!" so that could be why IDK I'm kinda disappointed it wasn't released, just because it probs would of made the Glory cover better, but whatever maybe we'll get it leaked along with the original Perfume video