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  1. I would like her to dance sevillanas or flamenco. If Madonna could, she can. But Britney won't even come near Spain, so who cares?
  2. I thought about this concept when I heard Lady Gaga's Venus bridge, when she starts mentioning the planets...
  3. I believe it's a TOMH interlude. She's touching herself all over, does mystical things with the hands at the end... And those mandalas tattoed could relate too to TOMH, since it has an ethnic vibe...
  4. I'll record a cover of something soon, with my phone since I can't afford a microphone.
  5. I had one on my old SoundCloud singing Teen Idle and it got deleted.
  6. I'll consider it... But I'm not really confident about my voice.
  7. Though I'm not going to sing it, because I'm not torturing anyone with my voice... yet.
  8. I had a little orgasm with those GIFs. Why are those pizza cuts so perfect?
  9. I'm so glad Glee finished. I hated it already before this episode.
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