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  1. Well that sucked https://t.co/OT4iJuegRP

  2. Also distressed Miz cracker didn’t have a merch stand

  3. RT @glaad: Name a more iconic trio. We’ll wait. #GLAADawards https://t.co/QrE7cR7gKu

  4. RT @nykaiya: reminder that the owner of Coachella donates his money to anti-LGBT and anti-choice organizations!! if ur supportive of women’…

  5. I thought this was phi phi O’Hara https://t.co/EmSCJD1Szv

  6. Part of me wants to put earrings in before my piercings close part of me doesn’t care anymore

  7. I just think it’s amazing that there’s dry shampoo and conditioner in the break room lol

  8. Oh haiiii forgot I had a test today

  9. Britney fans buying $90 kenzo hats while I’m struggling to shop at dollar tree

  10. Britney’s kenzo campaign already gave me my fav pics of britney https://t.co/3ALLJoVpCB

  11. RT @Willymeboy: Me and umass Boston on May 25 https://t.co/lHyLOKhoQz

  12. Can my job confirm liquidation so I can confirm if I get a hefty severance check

  13. It might be karma for the tomfoolery they pulled on me this week but I’ll probs be sad when my store shuts down cau… https://t.co/mhl4yuFXSg

  14. Nnnnn https://t.co/1MMzc66RAG

  15. RT @MacReezy_UBeezy: When the dentist's punk ass assistant aint doing their one job with the suction tube so you're just there like https:/…

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