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  1. :( https://t.co/RpmBcd3rcC

  2. @bawbbyspears Does it ?

  3. @LyricalBritney @godneyblowjobs omg what happened to him lol.

  4. @RebelledHeart @SpearsFan55 lmao ?

  5. RT @ladygaga: LADY GAGA / JOANNE NEW ALBUM OCT 21 https://t.co/YzKQbtVEZO

  6. @lithiumint I would very much like to be excluded From this narrative, one that i have never asked to be a part of since 2016.

  7. RT @vinnieaff: Lady Gaga is bad as fuck when will yall wake up ?? look at her ?? what the fuck ??? https://t.co/ipu4aNpIv4

  8. RT @drugproblem: No offense but Demi did that https://t.co/JETdCudg44

  9. RT @beyupdates_: Why is everyone tweeting #HappyBirthdayBeyoncé when it's Mr. Moseby's birthday?! https://t.co/DGJ3oybk7a

  10. @Stronger_rh Someone has to since it's so forgotten. ?

  11. twitter lol. https://t.co/q3j0LJEDvt

  12. @danielsanUNT omg delete !!!

  13. @Capt_Gemini confidence would be taking a selfie or whatever. that's next level ..

  14. RT @LitClapbacks: Next family reunion might be a little awkward ?? https://t.co/w171yIxdeX

  15. RT @kingsleyyy: @teentitansdope @britneyspears @AppleMusic You know why she looks gorgeous? Because she is gorgeous and gorgeous people loo…

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